16 easy pieces for piano inspired by the world of mushrooms

Collana seikilos
Editore Edizioni Efesto
Pagine 102
Prezzo € 22.00
Anno 2022
ISBN 9788833813493
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These 16 easy piano pieces are inspired by the fascinating and magical world of mushrooms. We discover that each mushroom has a character, a traditional name and a more striking name in Latin. Sixteen different species of mushrooms are presented and illustrated in this book. They are representatives of a vast MIKOKOSMOS, each with its own voice and personality expressed by music. Those who - like the author - have been collecting, studying and cooking mushrooms since the age of six, are convinced that even mushrooms have their sounds. Indeed, if we walk in the woods with very attentive ears, we can listen to the chanterelling, the special song of these extraordinary organisms.

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